Telecommunications Attorney Joseph P. Benkert, P.C.Telecommunications Attorney Joseph P. Benkert, P.C.New Technology Attorney at Law
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J oseph P. Benkert, P.C. is a solo practice law firm emphasizing the representation of telecommunications, new technology, public safety, and general business clients in organizational, transactional, regulatory and litigation matters.

In his over 40 years of experience as a telecommunications and new technologies attorney, Mr. Benkert has represented clients ranging from large firms such as AT&T, DEC, ICG, MCI, and Pinnacle Towers, to "Mom and Pop" broadcast applicants and licensees, and entrepreneurs. Mr. Benkert has represented broadcast applicants and licensees, program producers and networks, cable systems and multi-channel operators, local exchange carriers, long distance carriers, alternative access providers, satellite carriers, land mobile service and cellular system applicants and licensees, equipment manufacturers, public safety agencies, 9-1-1 Authorities, telecommunications site operators, computer hardware and software companies, and others.

Mr. Benkert has represented clients in Federal Communications Commission and state Public Utility Commission licensing, complaint, CPCN, tariff, equipment authorization and rulemaking proceedings; land use proceedings; negotiation of financing agreements and other transactional matters including complex mergers and acquisitions; and litigation including antitrust litigation. Mr. Benkert has also represented clients in corporate, land use, real estate, domestic relations, immigration and intellectual property matters.

Mr. Benkert's broad legal experience is enhanced by his experience starting and operating a charitable non-profit organization as well as other businesses, exercising non-traditional responsibilities on behalf of clients including assisting with marketing and sales, public relations, and management. He has also appeared as a witness on behalf of clients in litigation matters. For example, as a witness on behalf of a broadcast client, he testified in a successful defense of claims intended to undo a broadcast station sale; after the transaction had closed and Mr. Benkert had identified a means to upgrade the station and move it into a major market, with up to a 40-fold increase in value. He also testified on behalf of a broadcast site owner in an eviction of a tenant transmitter-building owner, in which the site owner acquired ownership of the evicted tenant's transmitter building and subtenants. These cases and results were, of course, case- and fact-specific and are not indicative of results to be expected in any other proceeding. Mr. Benkert's experience as witness for a claimants and defendants, in depositions and trials, however, provides him with additional, useful, experience.

Mr. Benkert is known for his quick grasp of technical matters and complex issues. His strong analytical abilities (in the top 1 percentile), coupled with his non-linear creative problem-solving skills, has resulted in his consistently being tasked with such matters. Clients have requested that he address matters which in-house counsel or other outside counsel have advised could not be accomplished. Mr. Benkert relishes these challenges.